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Amanda completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Murdoch University where she majored in both Marine and Biological Science. As one of the top 5% of students at her university she was invited to take part in a program called Master Class, which enabled her to complete a certificate in Business Administration alongside her bachelor degree. She then went on to complete her Masters in (Marine) Biological Science at the University of Western Australia,focusing on the electroreceptive thresholds of sharks and rays under the supervision of Professor Shaun Collin and Dr Ryan Kempster.

With a passion for the environment and conservation Amanda created an initiative called Fin Free Soup, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Her unique Fin Free logo displayed in restaurant’s front window indicates to consumers that the restaurant does not serve shark fin soup and, in turn, does not support the shark fin trade (a trade that has been attributed to killing more than 73 million sharks per year). Her website, www.finfreesoup.com also lists over 230 eateries that are fin free. Amanda’s initiative has now been turned into a short documentary ‘Shark Soup’ which aired on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2017 to great reviews. She is currently in the development stage of several film projects destined for major networks.

Amanda’s conservation work has extended to hosting Perth’s very first Shark Party to promote and raise funds for shark conservation. More than 270 people attended, raising over $4,600. She intends to hold additional Shark Parties in the coming months.As a scientist, Amanda works with Sharklab, a global organisation whose aim is to better understand elasmobranch species and to aid their preservation and long-term in-situ conservation. The Sharklab collaboration involves her studying histopathology, immunohistochemistry and genetics in elasmobranchs that are endemic to Australia.

Amanda has launched her own shark biology course in Kuata, Fiji where she educates participants about shark biology and conservation whilst giving them the opportunity to dive with sharks. She is the ambassador for the NGO Generation Awakening and is the Ocean Lead at the United Nations Association (Western Australia) where she manages the Ocean Portfolio,organising ocean based events and driving public awareness about marine conservation. Amanda also shares her passion and knowledge with children by conducting school talks around Perth.

Amanda also acts as a spokesperson for Shark Shield, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. In this role Amanda aims to better educate the community on the Shark Shield Technology efficacy, which enables surfers and divers to take responsibility for their own safety without having to harm the environment using  strategies such as shark nets and culling: humans and sharks sharing our oceans.

Amanda continues to focus her passion and energy into uncovering new information about sharks, as well as helping to protect them from anthropogenic influences.

Sharks & Me

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