Sharks & Me
Shark Biologist · Explorer · Marine Advocate

As one of the top 5% of students at her university, Amanda graduated with a degree in Science, majoring in both Marine and Biological sciences as well as simultaneously completing a post graduate qualification in Business Administration.

Amanda is currently undertaking her Master’s degree in which she is studying the unique ability of sharks to detect tiny electrical fields in their environment through electroreceptive organs known as ampullae of Lorenzini.

As well as studying sharks, Amanda continues to connect with like-minded people across the globe in the hopes of conserving shark populations and, in turn, the marine environment. With this in mind, her first shark project involved developing a documentary on the drum lines and nets that are deployed around Australia whilst identifying eco-friendly shark attack mitigation technologies that are currently being developed.

The film has since been picked up by a prominent producer and is currently being pitched to networks around the globe.


Sharks & Me

Effects of shark cartilage supplements on human health

Chemists such as Chemist Warehouse are currently stocking ‘Healthy Care Shark Cartilage’ among its range of vitamins. The product claims such health benefits as assisting in “general well-being, joint function and reducing mild pain” despite the (U.S) FDA not being able to confirm any of these claims. Shark cartilage has long been incorporated into Chinese…

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